The Imbayah Parade

It was hard getting a place for breakfast as apparently all breakfast diner were full. Banaue has that busy atmosphere. Hotel lobbies are full of backpacks from fresh tourist who has arrived that morning. While those who came the night before filled the restaurants tables to the brim. So we waited for breakfast as we also wait for the grand parade.

Three generations of Igorot, side-by-side

At the back of the restaurant was an open balcony overlooking the river below. On the downside of the river were a bridge and where parade participants were beginning to converged.

It’s already starting!


A wooden house on wheels

Inside the covered court

The parade ended up in the town’s covered court where each town made a ritual presentation. But the court is too small for comfort to accommodate all the participants and the hundreds of audience and tourists who went to witness the event.

Suddenly they transferred the presentation outside the open field where everybody can be accommodated more fully.


An actual chicken-offering ritual

The gathering of different offerings (pig, rice, tapuy, etc.)

An Igorot perform a native dance

The Imbayah festival were previously held every 3 years, now you can enjoy and participate annually every summer. Yes, they now held the Imbayah festival every year.


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