My Daraitan On Film

THIS is my Daraitan escapades on film.

Two summers had passed after hearing about it the first time. How excited I was then but the logistics never came to be until this day and with another group.

My only 2nd attempt at river camping. The first was in Majayjay where our tents were caught by the rising river due to an outpour of heavy rain. Have the same concern as well in Daraitan as one of the reason we camped on high grounds.

On a bright summer sky, you’ll enjoy Daraitan’s striking contrast of white glittering limestone rocks with the greeneries of the hill valley above. But just beware walking on bare foot on a mid-noon as these rocks can be as hot as 50o C in my personal experience.

Oh yes, I did try. It really feels burning like a river… as I tip-toed from one rock to the next desperately hoping for a shade, but then I gave up.

Meeting Place: Shaw Blvd/Crossings in front of Star Mall
Meeting Time: 7AM

Aco was already there with Jomz, and Chando in front of Star Mall when I arrived. Then Ket came with his son and soon afterwards came Lori and Sot… and the whole cavalry followed, with its lady captain doc Janielle, to set this trip into starting motion.

The next thing I know… we were having a round of Red Horse beer inside the jeep!

This is the start of our burning hike to the river. And where else should we converge but under the little shade that that little tree had offered. We offered our morning prayers and waited some comrades who’ve settled our group’s registration with the local authorities.

First major major rest?

And the hot trek resumes…

Now is the hard part… the final assault! Requires an assisted climb…

Last rest before basecamp… and the rest was history.

Late night fun, games and drinking followed… and much much else. It was literally a mixture of everything–as in everything, indeed–as we savor the crazy mixes of alcohol while singing songs at the top of our lungs feeling like an Idol.

Through the course of the night I ended up joining, not one, but three drinking sessions… and with enough alcohol in my system to supply a small clinic I decided to call it a night.

There’s probably something I’d like to do first, pray perhaps, but it’s not. But now I thought that maybe I just forgot.

And Good Morning Sunday!

I woke up late… the alcohol had rob me some hours or so to witness sunrise. Hangovers does rob you of those moments… but people learn… somehow… somewhat?

It was becoming a lazy mid-day Sunday as most people tried coping with their hangovers. For me, missing the sunrise was enough so decided on doing a trek on the other side of the river. While some still active souls did a re-take on caving.  It was really an ordeal for me hip-hoping on those magma-hot limestone rocks–Look ma! no shoes…

Which reminds me, do I really need a camping slippers? Well, above incident seem to answer YES!

Lunching… re-packing! And hike back to town.

Below: Some traffic along the way… Beep! Beep! says the donkey!

Above: This may look like a mini NPA encampment but it’s not; we’re as civil as we can get. We don’t carry guns although we do shoot from time to time… ok, you get the idea?

If not… I don’t have an AK-47 but I might just shoot you with my N-75!


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