Icy Cold Tapiya Falls

The Tapiya falls is located in Batad town which is 1 ½-2 hours away by jeep from Banaue.

Banaue is a 9-10 hours trip by bus from Manila. Add a 1 hour trek from the saddle to Batad town. And another short 1 hour trek along Batad’s famous rice terraces and down to some steeply angled and narrow stairs and you’re there—just imagine you are now in Tapiya!

Tapiya was raging the first time we met. So big, so wild and roaring… it was deafening to say the least and overwhelming.

There’s probably much rain on the other side of the mountain fueling Tapiya’s rage then.

And this roar and rage produces volumetric mist that forced me to keep my D90 inside my 4 Million. It was totally not safe for any electronic equipment. Well, the D90 can handle it but because of the mist moist builds up on the lens front glass that it became useless. Without an automatic wiper that would wipe my lens squeaky clean, shooting isn’t advisable.

So today seem a more pleasant day… sunny and humid. A nice time to take a plunge into the river and just short 1 hour trek would do.

No aching legs or knee this time. But there’s just a little bit of shake in the leg, though tolerable I must admit.

Here’s the gang enjoying solitary group fun with Tapiya until…

Another group overrun us.

Which forced us to leave the place in defeat.

Nah! Of course not…

This beauty is worth to be shared with the rest of, say, humanity? OK, we had our time, we had our fun so it would be very prudent on us to let others enjoy the same with the privacy of their own group. Right?

And to tell you, really worth the dip, it’s super icy cold… brrrrrrr!


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