The Rest Of My Dingalan Stuff

The last of my film stuff from my Dingalan trip.

Dingalan is a town in the Province of Aurora. Aurora is on the eastern side of Luzon facing the Pacific ocean. And the waves here are generally strong even on a calm day.

It’s a quiet remote town well suited for a weekend vacation devoid of any amenities you normally have in the metro. And it’s cheap for a group as you share common expenses like accommodation, food and transpo.

We visited 3 sites here: Abungan falls, the beach for some basic seascapes, and a big reef cluster that produces death-defying surge of waves.

No Sunrise

The photographer above with the tripod is Allan Apungan, amusing himself on this cloudy Sunday morning-sky; mastering foreground and background with the waves!

The pile of wood here (also in the picture) have been washed out from the sea and is being dried up in the sun to make as firewood or panggatong.

Master Landscapist

The real landscape artists from the EON photo club, lead by master Randy Belen. This was at Abungan falls.

Long Exposure

This is me trying long exposure on film. This is now another case of don’t try this at home reminder because long exposure on film is very much unpredictable. Digital is a much better medium as you instantly see your results.

Children of the Falls

These children acted as our guide when we went to the falls.

It was a good experience joining this trip with the masters as I’ve learned a couple of landscape techniques. And hopefully I could join them again in one of their trips in the near future.

I am hoping too for a Dingalan comeback and enjoy again some quiet life and to practice some leisure photography there.


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