A Dayhike At Pico de Loro

This was my 2nd time hiking Pico de Loro.

The first time was way back when I was part of the Blue Mountaineers. I’m not really sure if I was part of the club or I was part of the climb. I am not even sure if it was the Blue Mountaineers as the group was just starting out with help from outside clubs.

Our B.M.C. was held at Majayjay falls which ended tragically wet as the river rose up to our tents after a big outburst of rain. The last time I joined them was in Gulugod Baboy with a UP Mountaineer as our guide who took us along the coast to offer us great vistas. But on the way down we ended up dizzyingly lost and circling a trail hidden by the tall and sharp mountain grasses.

Imagine, 3 hours climbing down Gulugod?

That was the last. And Pico de Loro was my 2nd climb with the group. And that was my 1st with Pico.

Yup, it’s way back when.

Now I’m climbing Pico again.

Sparkling Pico Summit with a cup of wine, or was it champagne? And this’ just my first Pico summit. Yey!

… to reach the summit.

As I never did get to the summit the last time. I was 30 feet away from the summit and I chickened out with all the alibis I can think of–total fear factor indeed.

A Stop Over at the kubo (Basecamp 1) for our 2nd registration and to hear the conflict between this and DENR.

This time I did get to summit. How happy I am, really. And realizing that a lot of the trail in Pico de Loro had changed. It much easier now that I remembered it.

Before, base camp was like 1 hour away from the summit. Now it just took us 15 minutes or so.

The Beak Peak as viewed from the summit. The more courageous ones tried while I just opted to be a photographer this time… nice alibi, ey?

But with all these changes I guess the summit still stayed at 664 MASL, right?

No complain there.  Even though Pico was far worst of an experience before than now.  Or most probably I am just more prepared now than before.

But, still, I think I’m not yet prepared for the Beak peak. Next time, perhaps?


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