Fun Weekend At Bora… wan!

My first time joining a Fun adventure or Fun tours. This was courtesy of Yabag Mc care off Miguel Mapalad (aka Migs), who have been diligently recruiting me to their Nagsasa trek. But I was disqualified in joining that climb due to my lack of available time on weekdays to attend the pre-climb meeting.

They maintain a “no pre-climb, no climb” policy on their major hiking trips as most mountaineering org do.

Beach Camping at Borawan. The group setting up tents on the beach. The beach was so crammed as there were still two more groups, albeit smaller, staying overnight at the other side. So I just stayed in one of the nipa hut for convenience.


But thankfully, this very harsh policy is now being waived on fun climb like these – Yabag’s initial Bora offering.

Ok, I’ll quit the disguise! It’s actually Borawan not Bora…

Borawan is a tiny cove off Padre Burgos in Quezon Province. The name came from joining the words Bora(cay) + (Pala)wan to promote the place as something to match the beauty of both Palawan and the world famous Boracay.

Barangay Lipata Side. On low tide you can have access straight to Lipata town through a sand bridge here visible in the background above. In town you could buy some small supplies like cooking oil and shampoo.

And how does Borawan stack up with the comparison? Well, I’ve never been to Palawan nor Boracay, so nothing to compare, really.

The place has natural beauty, alright, but in a way is kinda over-hyped. For one, being featured on a travel show on TV — Trip na Trip! And two, prepping it as something that resembles Boracay or Palawan fueled a lot of expectations.

These hyped expectations alone could generally spell for a disappointment by virtue of comparison.

Late For Sunrise. There is no sunset in Borawan as it face the west. So there might be a beautiful sunrise. But the hard drinking session last night left me a bit wasted and this was all I got.

But lucky for us we did not come unprepared as Yabag offered these set of uber-cool activities: island hoping, rock climbing, rappelling and mountain climbing.

Are these a disappointing set of activities? Of course not! These are all fun activities which I enjoyed to the fullest, except the dreaded rappelling.

The Belayer. Early morning and rappelling had already commence with the belayer visible outside. This hut had frequently been a target of falling debris as it’s located below the rappel zone.
And yes I selpt on this hut last night as I figured this would be much easier than setting up a tent in a crammed beach.

And while the rest seem to enjoy rappelling down this 50-foot cliff, I was on the other side trying my luck on rock climbing. It was a good experience though I just barely made it up. At 15-20 feet my hands and arms started to feel numb and I have no other choice but to quit.

The Whole Picture. Two simultaneous activities: on the left side is the rock/wall climbing and in the middle, with a rope stretching some 90 degrees, is the rappelling session. We’re doing these in the middle of a tsunami-panic brought about by an earthquake in Chile. And some wanted to leave for Manila as soon as possible.

What makes our Borawan experience great was because of the activities set forth by Migs and the gang for everyone to enjoy during that weekend. It’s highly commendable that you join them as they will really inject ‘Fun’ in your weekend.

As Trip Na Trip host Uma once said, “we like the place, except the name.” Or something to that effect as the name can be a bit catchy but becomes boring in the long run.

True enough, Borawan has its own unique qualities waiting to be explored and be discovered and it doesn’t need Boracay or Palawan to do just that.



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