Street Drunk at Hong Kong’s Night Bazaar

I’m quite excited! My first colored post on film…

So who’s with us, tonight?

Oh well, here we go again… but due to the success of last night’s session, we’re in full force tonight, all, except for Tereh.

The other night it was just Gene and me as nobody wanted to checkout Hong-Kong’s nightlife. So we two did. But nope we didn’t find any bar within Nathan Road.

Our last resort then would have been to buy some beer at 7-11 and bring it to our hotel.

Street Bazaar

Luckily we found these night bazaar in the inner streets a few blocks off, 15-20 minutes away from the hotel.

Gene, Pretz, Sheryl and Robert

With a food bazaar that offers 500mL Heineken and some strange Chinese cuisine that was tragically and quite literally lost to translation—we’ve missed an order and took some we don’t.

Just what will you do when the waiter serves you a meal and offers it in confusing Cantonese? Well, on one occasion we’ve eaten something we thought is ours but is not. Anyway, what difference does it make since we can’t really be sure even if it’s already our correct order.

So, we just unnaturally say, “Yes!” and “Thank you!”

The Red Shoe Diary

The night bazaar were packing down in the background!

Bottom’s Up!

This was a Pretz’ challenge—the bottoms up game! So who won? Well I’m not at liberty to say but pretty sure somebody ended up totally drunk…

Who, me? I’m just tipsy, OK?


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