Last Glimpse of Batan

Day5 – Basco Airport
Basco, Batanes

Airport taxi?

Of course not!

No, we did not come to the airport on these rides. But surely the fares wouldn’t cost that much, ain’t it? If only our baggage could fit in those basket… then it’s as good as go.

But, well, there’s always a next time…

And next time, there’ll be no more tours, no more guides and no more teacher’s dirty looks. Which means you can be free to roam anywhere you like.

Wow! Here I am at the airport about to go home but already dreaming what I’ll do next time I come back.

On that mild note, I’ll gladly return – just bike it and do it.

Mahatao Waves Goodbye!

A bird’s eye shot of Batan island taken from the window of the plane.

In the middle is the small town of Mahatao bravely facing the South China Sea as we flyby heading south back to Manila.

Notice a streak of white scratches in the picture. No, that’s not from my camera.

Thank God!

The window of this German-made Dornier 328 shares a bit of a wear and tear – big scratches.

Even the sliding sunshade is broken which made me enjoy a very nice sunbathing session during the course the flight.

♥ plane

SEAIR have a very striking sailormoonish uniform for its female flight attendant and somebody is making a late notice.

For all its beauty we will definitely miss Batanes.  And just the same we will miss Ms. Carol as well.

10 Minutes before takeoff

Having settled at my designate seat I managed to acquaint again with my camera and the joy of a true wide.

But Gene was impatiently clamoring for his personal shot – a candid shot with uhm yes?

“Later dude…”

Anyways, above pic is not really a wide shot – it’s a cropped version… just cropped the blown sky.

Long wait for boarding

Yes a waiting game with nothing to do (but a lot quicker than waiting for M/B Itransa the other day.)

There’s literally not much to do at the airport. Just a cafe and a small souvenir shop with really no exceptional items on offer.

Just as ironic as Batanes is a very exceptional getaway.

Well, it’s probably a good thing one way or another.

Day4 – Naidi Hills
Basco, Batanes

We’ve spent the good afternoon on this hill where the most photographed of all Batanes’ lighthouse is located. Aptly named – The Naidi Hills Lighthouse.

And we enjoyed a few rounds of beer courtesy of the Chief on a local resto bar on top of Naidi hills beside the lighthouse.

That and Sabtang on the next post.


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